Alert Bay field trip

Thursday April 14th our whole school went on a field trip to alert bay. We started off are day by catching the first ferry. The ferry ride was much longer to alert bay, but we did work on the ferry and that seemed to keep everyone entertained. Once we arrived in alert bay the alert bay school welcomed us. About a dozen kids welcomed us wearing woven cedar head bands and regalia’s. Then we started are walk over to the other side of the bay where umista is. We had a beautiful tour at the umista cultural center and lunch on the beach. Next we took a walk up a hill and ended up at the big house. The big house had huge logs inside and cedar siding. We had such a fun day in Alert Bay.


Halloween is just around the corner and I am super exited. this weekend I did some fall baking and made pumpkin spice, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes I also made sugar cookies or maybe they where shortbread what ever they where the recipe used a lot and I mean a lot of butter. I am very exited to go trick or treating with my brothers and get lots and lots of candy and then go watch the fire work!

christmas time

I know it is not even close to Christmas and it is still September but I am super duper exited for Christmas! I am exited for the holiday baking, the Christmas movies witch i started watching a month ago for your information. I am also super exited to decorate with all the lights and make everything nice and bright. but the part I am exited for the smell and taste of that turkey and gravy…….. lol

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